The mission of the New Jersey Environmental Health Association is to support the professional growth of environmental health specialists, provide a unified and informed voice in the development of public health practice and policy, and enhance the ability of members to aptly promote environmental and public health locally, regionally and globally.


NJEHA 2015 REHS Workforce Assessment Submitted by Aimee Puluso, B.S., M.A., R.E.H.S., H.O.



Public health officials like to count things. I think it’s because it is so hard for us to quantify the number of incidents that we prevent, that we count everything else that we can think of. We prepare monthly reports, annual reports, count the number of vaccinations given, facilities inspected, and advanced wastewater treatment septic systems installed. We assess performance, expenditures, and staffing. As I contemplated all of the different things that we count and keep track of, it occurred to me that while the NJ Department of Health keeps tallies on REHS licenses issued each year, there was no organization that I knew of that counted how many REHS’s were employed within the state of New Jersey, and what their employment status was. Wouldn’t that be a good thing to know? And who better to keep track of NJ REHS employment than NJEHA, the professional association for REHS’s in New Jersey…thus, the NJEHA 2015 REHS Workforce Assessment was born.


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