NJEHA - Who we are...
  • Over 400 active members, representing the collective interests of over 1,000 New Jersey environmental and public health professionals
  • Registered Environmental Health Specialists, Health Officers and other public health practitioners
  • Represented demographically and geographically in all areas of New Jersey
  • Working to protect the health and environment of New Jersey and its public through enforcement, education and legislation

NJEHA - What we do...

Provide Continuing Education Opportunities

  • Offer regular educational meetings
  • Garner expert speakers from academia, the public and private workforce and our legislature
  • Provide CEU opportunities

Encourage Professional Growth

  • Offer members various means of professional improvement and edification
  • Provide members the most current techniques and information
  • Advise members of career and credential opportunities

Provide Networking Opportunities

  • Utilize information technologies
  • Provide informative newsletter on regular basis
  • Maintain and update web site
  • Partner with other professional associations
  • Recognize leaders in the field  

Enhance Visibility of our Association

  • Generate revenues to sustain organizational growth
  • Provide affordable membership services
  • Encourage volunteerism among membership
  • Increase membership in the association
  • Increase joint membership in the National Environmental Health Association
  • Seek private sponsorship
  • Seek out new and additional sources of revenue
  • Increase administrative capacities

NJEHA - Our history...

The New Jersey Environmental Health Association, the recognized state affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association since 1963, has been aiding the state's environmental health professionals since 1954.

Though organized years prior to its formal inception, the Association was incorporated as the New Jersey Association of Sanitarians on October 19, 1966. The Association had its name changed to the New Jersey Environmental Health Association on July 25, 1973.

The NJEHA's current Mission Statement is true to that which appears on the original 1966 certificate of incorporation, emphasizing professional growth, high standards of performance and conduct, and cooperation in an effort to improve public health for New Jersey's residents.