The Awards Committee actively canvasses the membership each year for possible candidates for the following awards.  Members may nominate candidates using the appropriate nomination form as listed. For more information, please contact us at

NJEHA Harry R. H. Nicholas Award

Harry Nicholas was supervisor of the Northern District Office of the New Jersey State Department of Health, and one of the founding members of the Northern Jersey Sanitarians Association in 1960.

This award is presented each year to one NJEHA member who has demonstrated outstanding and dedicated service in the advancement of public and environmental health in New Jersey.

Past recipients

Harry R.H. Nicholas Award Nomination Online Submission Form

NJEHA Vincent R. Zurawski Award

Vincent Zurawski is remembered as one of the most active members in the Association's history.  As Secretary and Treasurer to the NJEHA, Vincent spent countless hours on membership, dues and other issues.  In addition to helping improve the status of the Association, he contributed significantly to its current structuring, and the implementation of the Gary S. Strauss Scholarship before his untimely passing.

This award is presented each year to one NJEHA member who has performed meritorious contributions to the New Jersey Environmental Health Association and for dedicated service to the Association Officers and Members.

Past recipients

Vincent R. Zurawski Award Online Nomination Form

NJEHA President's Plaque

Since its implementation in 2002, the President's Plaque has served to recognize outstanding public health professionals among both the Association membership and the general public.

This award is presented for meritorious contributions on behalf of public and environmental health.

Past recipients

President's Plaque Nomination Online Form

NEHA Certificate of Merit

The National Environmental Health Association awards one annual NEHA Certificate of Merit to a member of each state affiliate. This national recognition is announced at the NEHA Annual Educational Conference, and published in the NEHA Journal of Environmental Health. The Certificate is awarded at the following NJEHA Annual Educational Conference.

The NEHA Certificate of Merit is presented for meritorious contributions on behalf of environmental health in the past year by an outstanding environmental health professional.

Past NJEHA Member recipients

NEHA Certificate of Merit Nomination  Online Form

NEHA Walter S. Angold Award

The Mangold Award is awarded by NEHA to recognize outstanding contributions to the preservation of the environment by an environmental health professional. By honoring those who exemplify quality and service to mankind in environmental health, the award also recognizes the many in the profession who labor daily without recognition, which is the nature of the environmental health professional’s work.

The Mangold award consists of a cash honorarium and a 10-inch high crystal apex attached to a black marble base on which is displayed the name of the Mangold winner. The NEHA logo is etched onto the crystal apex. This award is retained by the recipient. The NEHA office has a permanent award plaque featuring a likeness of Walter Mangold and the name of each award-winner engraved on a separate plate attached to the plaque.

Each state affiliate of NEHA may nominate one person per year for the Mangold award. More information about the NEHA Mangold award, including guidelines and a list of past recipients, may be found on NEHA's website by clicking here.

NJEHA REHS of the Year Award

This annual award is available for presentation to a single outstanding New Jersey REHS and NJEHA member who has, during the year prior to selection, made major impact in the field of public and environmental health by the development of a special program, educational activity, involvement in the legislative process, or any other special achievement which enhances the delivery of public and environmental health services. This award will be presented to the recipient during the awards program at our Annual Educational Conference and Exhibition held each year in March. Nominees must be a member of NJEHA in good standing, be an current NJ REHS who is active in the field of public and environmental health, and be nominated by a New Jersey public and environmental health professional. Deadline for receipt of nominations is January 15 of each year. There are many unsung heroes in our ranks who consistently go above and beyond to enhance the protection of public and environmental health. Please help NJEHA to recognize and honor them by submitting a nomination form, which can be found here.

NJEHA REHS of the Year Award Nomination Online Form
NEHA Walter F. Snyder Award

The Walter F. Snyder Award is presented annually by the National Environmental Health Association and NSF International to a recipient who has achieved peer recognition for outstanding accomplishment in the fields of health and the environment, for notable contributions to public health and the quality of life, for demonstrated capacity to work with all interests in solving environmental problems, for knowledge and proficiency in utilizing voluntary standards to obtain environmental objectives, and for leadership in securing action on behalf of health or environmental goals.

More information about the NEHA Snyder award, including guidelines and a list of past recipients, may be found on NEHA's website by clicking here.

NJEHA Certificate of Achievement (decommissioned)

Issued until 2002, the Certificate of Achievement had been presented for outstanding contributions to the betterment of Environmental Health in the state of New Jersey as an exemplary and dedicated Public Health professional.