Paschal Nwako, NJEHA President   

I want to start my first newsletter by thanking all our members for being part of NJEHA and part of the environmental health community in New Jersey. Many times our job does not let us come out into the limelight, and the public at large does not know what we do until something goes wrong. We ourselves are in synch with what we do every day as a routine, without realizing that we touch so many lives and many facets of the community we serve. Many times we do not realize how important we are in our communities and that people depend on us for their survival. We are the public health and environmental health police. So sometimes we need to sit back and thank ourselves for a job well done after all these years of protecting the public, answering the call, and protecting the rights of the poor and the underserved. For making sure that the environments in the areas that we serve are livable and conducive. For protecting the community from potential food poisoning. For protecting our kids from lead poisoning. And many more functions that we routinely perform in our localities. Sometimes we wonder why an impossible responsibility has been placed on us as members of public health agencies. We essentially serve as stewards of the basic health needs of the entire population and in so doing, we avert impending disasters and protect the public. While performing our duties we sometimes come across members of the public who will thank us for what we do. We sometimes receive thank you letters and letters of appreciation for performing our duties from people that appreciate what we did for them. The gratitude we receive for doing what we do many times does not equal our compensation. However, we continue doing what we do because that’s our job. In summary, from me to all our members I say THANK YOU. We appreciate you being a part of our membership and we look forward to working with you this coming year, as always.

Paschal Nwako
Paschal Nwako
NJEHA President